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The Central Conservatory of Music Foundation Hong Kong



The Central Conservatory of Music Foundation Hong Kong

The Foundation recognizes the distinction of the CCOM's teachers and students and strives to provide support and incentives to promote excellence in all aspects of music education. Apart from promoting technical competence on an individual basis, the Foundation will strive to support all aspects of the Conservatory's work in advancing its EOS Orchestra Academy at Central Conservatory of Music. One of the visions of the CCOM is to place its students in major symphony orchestras around the world. This requires of CCOM's students not only exceptional technical competence but also the ability to work in collaborative environments, exercising human skills in communication and teamwork.


To achieve this vision, the CCOM will require additional resources to bring to the Conservatory musicians of international acclaim who can provide tuition and guidance, and share their wealth of experience. The Conservatory will also need to bring the EOS Orchestra Academy to different audiences around the world to provide its students with the exposure that is so necessary for developing their confidence and maturity. The Foundation pledges its backing to this worthy cause.

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