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April 06, 2018

The Music World of Cheng Wai (7-8 Apr 2018) - HKCSO

Hong Kong renowned pianist and educator Dr. Cheng Wai, along with the Hong Kong Children's Symphony Orchestra will present two concerts, “The Music World of Cheng Wai”, this April. On 7 April, Dr. Cheng will cooperate with our honorary guest conductor Prof. Johnny Poon to perform Ravel’s Piano Concerto in G major and the Chinese piano masterpiece Yellow River. HKCSO will perform Liszt’s sixth symphonic poem “Mazeppa”, conducted by the resident conductor Jeff Leung. 

For the 8 April concert, Dr. Cheng will play Temptations, a piano concerto composed by the musical director Dr. Yip Wai-hong, with the honorary guest conductor Prof. Poon. In the same concert, HKSCO will also perform the Dvořák’s ninth symphony "From the New World" under Jeff Leung’s baton.

August 10, 2017

「詩琴畫意」巡演歸來 「鋼琴女詩人」鄭慧致力推廣室內樂

鄭慧的「詩琴畫意」鋼琴獨奏會全國巡演今年5月開始,走遍珠海、長沙、重慶、武漢、蘇州、南京、上海、鄭州、太原、瀋陽和青島,她分享了「詩琴畫意」的含義:「蕭邦是『鋼琴詩人』,而我被稱為『鋼琴女詩人』,『詩』是浪漫的感覺,『琴』是鋼琴,『畫』則與演出的節目有關。國禮畫家陳文澤特別為巡演創作八幅水彩畫,以大型屏幕投影配合譚盾作品 《八幅水彩畫的回憶》演出。觀眾在入場時,在音樂廳外可以看到八幅水彩畫的展覽。」

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